Examples of Scholarly Podcasts

Scholarly podcasts can take a range of forms, from casual knowledge mobilization to peer-reviewed projects to science-based advocacy. Here are some examples of the range of opportunities available in this field.

Secret Feminist Agenda is a peer-reviewed podcast about feminist issues made by Hannah MacGregor, an assistant professor of publishing at Simon Fraser University.

Crackdown is a SSHRC-funded podcast documenting the war on drugs from the perspective of drug user journalists.

Métis in Space is a podcast by Indigenous academics Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowell, critiquing Indigenous representations in popular culture (especially sci-fi and fantasy).

The UK Edition of The Conversation makes a podcast called In Depth Out Loud, where researchers talk about their latest work in 15-20 minute segments.

Our own CELT makes a podcast about teaching and learning called Adventures in Teaching.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal produces a podcast for medical professionals and academic researchers.

Secrets of Mathematics is an Oxford University podcast that shares classroom conversations and public lectures on selected topics in mathematics.