Podcasting is everywhere right now. Podcasts can reach huge and broad audiences, finding listeners with interest in scholarship regardless of their profession or education. Podcasts can also be a deeply intimate means of communicating information — after all, most people listen to podcasts using headphones, in a one-on-one relationship (however one-sided). But podcasting is also a skill to develop that requires a particular set of tools. Is podcasting the right knowledge mobilization tool for your project? Is it useful in your classroom context? This session will help you decide, and get you started off on the right foot if the answer is yes.

Session Agenda

  • What makes podcasting so popular?
  • Examples of successful current incarnations of scholarly podcasts, broadly conceived.
  • Cultural conventions of podcasting.
  • Is your project a good fit for a podcast? What can podcasting look like within the classroom context?
  • The podcaster’s toolkit.